There are two types of Bamboo: clumping bamboo and running bamboo. Running bamboo spreads often far away from the first plant, clumping bamboo stays close to home base as it grows. Clumping bamboo is often ideal for yards. We have the largest selection of clumping bamboo in the area. 

Clumping bamboo

  • Oldhami (timber bamboo)
  • Dendrcaliums minor (ghost bamboo)
  • Alphonse karr
  • Buddha belley (bambusa ventricosa)
  • Golden goddess
  • Mexican weeping
  • Mei Young
  • Chocolate bamboo
  • Himalayan hookerianus blue bamboo
  • Chungi
  • Dendrocalimus asper
  • Dendrocalimus giantia
  • Tudoides (punting pole bamboo)
  • Fargesia rufa (panda bamboo)
  • Textiles bamboo
  • Princess bamboo

Running bamboo

  • Golden bamboo (fishpole)
  • Black bamboo
  • Green onion bamboo
  • Temple bamboo
  • Robert young
  • Koi bamboo
  • Chinese temple
  • Walking stick bamboo
  • All gold bamboo
  • Arrow bamboo
  • Bisset
  • Indocalimus tessellatus
  • Shiroshima bamboo
  • Kimmei
  • Vivax
  • Hennon
  • Moso bamboo
  • Yellow groove crooked stem


Don’t see the bamboo you are looking for? Give us a call, we may actually have it, or be able to find it for you.